Personal Development

Our work begins with each students individual transformation. We recognize and address the circumstances of the youths past, and create a clearing by helping them improve or restore relationships with their parents, become complete with any loss they have suffered, overcome any psychological effects of challenges they may have had in their childhood, and implement a life strategy moving forward.

Professional Development

As our youth realize their own unlimited possibilities, we teach them about local and global issues and encourage and honor their ideas to help solve them. We match them with a trained college student who teaches our curriculum and with a business professional who provides mentoring.

Social Impact

Students apply the knowledge they have gained and with the guidance of their mentors, they create an enterprise that is profitable, sustainable and provides solutions to critical social issues.

Our Program


Dreams for Kids created the first of it’s kind 11 week curriculum with GCE Lab School, a nationally renown college prep school whose innovative collaborative, project based, learning environment has been licensed by dozens of schools across the country in an extensive network of over 200 partners.


Designed to inspire students to fall in love with learning, discover their purpose, prepare them to think for themselves and care about others, GCE has embraced Dreams for Kids mission of providing students with personal development skills,  real world training and contemporary job skills as they create job skills as they create enterprises that create solutions to society’s critical social issues.

Following their intensive course study,  students have the opportunity to create and manage an enterprise that applies business principles to solve social issues.   The curriculum is meant to transform students, who feel limited prior to entering the program, to feel that they have limitless opportunities through personal development and their entrepreneurship enterprise.


We select local students, grade 10-11,  that embrace our mission and passion to alleviate social issues. Many are at-risk.  All are in need of contemporary job and entrepreneurship skills.  Mentors are often young professional volunteers and many are employees of  our business sponsors. Other mentors are staff and/or volunteers from partner community groups and nonprofits.


The curriculum is delivered in school and after school, by teachers or mentors we train.


There is an education gap for essential entrepreneurship training. Jobs, for the most part, are not coming back. New jobs, through enterprise building, must be created.  In particular, there is a critical need to expose the many at-risk students we have today to real world education, to opportunity.

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