No developmental
challenges. No Limitations.
No disabilities.


Youth with disabilities and their families live an ispired, productive, and fulfilling life. We aim to create an environment in which all kids can succeed, and become leaders.


To empower youth with disabilities to use
their ABILITIES to live extraordinary lives,
and to help others.


Mobilize young people with disabilities and their families to realize the skills, confidence, and opportunities to reach their fullest potential and improve the
quality of their lives.

Programming: Aim to achieve our mission through four levels of programming:

Awareness building (We Are Able Campaign)

How to get other kids to understand or appreciate the plight of the disabled… and how they can help.

Youth empowerment

Summit, leadership programming, employment, involvement in FTC activities, weday

Family empowerment

Access to services, counseling, support

Mentorshiop Programming

Providing mentorship for all youth to reach their fullest potential
and improve their quality of life

We can either define our
fate or be defined by it.

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