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You have heard of crowd funding, or online fundraising. It has never been easier to start a campaign and
enroll your friends, family, co-workers and your extended network.

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Set a goal. All
DFK info will be already

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Send your page link to
friends, classmate, co-workers,
to everyone!

Be Creative

Give your birthday. Run
a marathon. Wedding gifts.
Endless choices.

Are you the next agent of change?
You can make a world of a difference with your team!

Campaign ideas

Join WATC Power of One

Join thousands of middle school students who are proving the power of one kid can change the world.

Run a Race

5k, marathon, triathlon...
Run for dreams.

Donate Your Birthday

It is your day. Make it special and pay it forward. Instead of gifts, ask your people to donate to a youth's future.

Honor Who You Love

You know how that is — give
them a legacy.

Make it a Family Affair

You don't need a family foundation to
make a big impact.

Host an Event

After work Happy Hour. Day at the
Races. Endless choices!

Official Chicago Marathon Charity Partner!

Get an automatic entry into the 2nd largest marathon in the world! Bypass the lottery and get a bib if you run for Dreams for Kids