The holidays are about creating opportunity!

Hope for a Lifetime

Each year, in December, communities rally to support the most vulnerable among us – homeless children. In celebrations large and small, across the world, every child is given a chance to experience the joy, generosity, and love of the Holiday Season.  In 2020, with COVID-19 restrictions, Dreams for Kids is unable to host its annual holiday party. While this is a sad occurrence, it did not stop us from providing Holiday cheer, support, and a gift for over 1,400 vulnerable kids.

All future Hilday for Hope events will be hosted by Urban X Learning  Please visit its website or contact them at (312) 725-4733
[email protected] for further information.

Hope Begins Here

On Christmas Eve, 1989, Dreams for Kids began. This event started it all. On this day, Clara’s House, a tiny homeless shelter in Chicago’s desperate Englewood community, hosted a small celebration for 54 homeless children, who according to Clara – “…would never have known it was Christmas if you had not come.” That day they had the freedom to believe. And to date over 70,000 kids across the United States and in countries around the world have celebrated their Holiday for Hope.

This is more than a celebration. It is a beginning. It is more than hope. It is a commitment. A promise for participants to pay it forward in their community. And promise to help bring sustainable change to their lives and to our homeless crisis.

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