Holiday for Hope

This is where Dreams for Kids began, on Christmas Eve, 1989, in a tiny homeless shelter in Englewood, a desolate and hope starved community on the Southside of Chicago. What began as a single day of giving has evolved into a true social enterprise with the work of our student entrepreneurs in training.

Extreme Recess

In 2000 Dreams for Kids helped create the first regular sports program for kids with disabilities in Illinois. For years, children have come from the sidelines of life into the activities of their dreams in events from water skiing to baseball. The experience transformed many of their lives. Today the experience has become an enterprise with deep impact.

Youth Define Their Fate - and Create a Better Future for Others

My name is Cortez Alexander. I was born 1lb. 7oz as a result of my parents drug addictions. My early life was difficult and I was drifting and fighting my way through high school. I found Dreams for Kids online and the whole world opened up to me. I realized I had something to give and I have been giving ever since.

I recently graduated from DePaul University and have received a scholarship to study for a Master of Arts in International Education Management and Public Administration (IEM/MPA) at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

Today I am a Global Youth Ambassador and I am committed to help bring peace and lasting change to the world.

Grow the Impact