Stage Chemistry

Goodman Theatre’s STEM-based education initiative.

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Goodman Theatre’s STEM-based education initiative.

Stage Chemistry uses STEAM to draw out the narrative power of story, and the life lessons that are learned through the production of theater. You will increase your appreciation for the Arts, see the vast range of career choices involved, play with absurdity as a life concept, deconstruct and construct theater, and transfer the lessons learned through the stage onto the theater of life.

You will demonstrate a wide range of hard and soft skills that are learned through the study of vocabulary, writing, history, physics, mathematics, art, self-regulation, play, collaboration, habits of mind, conceptualization, and communication—listening, speaking and presenting.

Course Units

Why are Scale, Proportion, and Modeling essential for the creation of a theatrical production?

The purpose of Unit 1, BEHIND Stage, is to explore the measurements, proportions, and models which serve as the foundation for every piece, part, and person in the production.

How do both the set and players move?

The purpose of Below & Above is to examine, experience, and build with the physics concepts of rate, work, force, speed, gravity, and mass. This begins with a fundamental appreciation for safety—the one character who never takes a day off. The movement is then to Balance, an essential yet ethereal thing. Lastly, this Unit explores movement—where, when, and how.

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