Our courses inspire students to fall in love with learning by encouraging curiosity about the world around them and helping them develop an informed voice. Students explore real challenges affecting their communities and design solutions as scientists, technologists, and innovators. Thematic content incorporates financial literacy, digital citizenship, and interpersonal skills to prepare every learner to be a leader in tomorrow’s workforce and ambassadors in their communities.

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Imagining a Sustainable Future

Introduce project-based learning and sustainability education in your classroom with three free unit-length projects.

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Financial Literacy by Rapunzl

Students apply key investing concepts while managing a simulated stock portfolio and develop professional skills through internships, mentorships, and field experiences.

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Welcome to the stock market

Welcome to the Stock Market

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Dive into the world of investing and learn why Albert Einstein describes compound growth as the strongest force in nature. This module explains what stocks are, how they trade, and then examines one of the greatest stock investors of all…

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Stage Chemistry Poster

Stage Chemistry

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Goodman Theatre’s STEM-based education initiative. Stage Chemistry uses STEAM to draw out the narrative power of story, and the life lessons that are learned through the production of theater. You will increase your appreciation for the Arts, see the vast…

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Global Peace course poster

Global Peace


What is peace?  What is violence?  What can you learn from Gandhi’s approach to building a nonviolent movement? These are some of the questions you will pursue in the Global Peace course.  While the Internet has served as a catalyst…

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Water Awareness poster

Water Awareness

What would you do if you turned on a water tap and nothing came out? Why do some people in the world have access to clean water and not others? How can mathematics help you understand global water resources, and…

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ReFueling the Future

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How will our future be decided? Why? The purpose of this project is to get acquainted with the current state of our energy supply system, understand how it works, and evaluate options for transforming it.. How? The unit sub-guiding questions…

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ReMobilizing the Future Poster

ReMobilizing the Future

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How will our future be decided? Why? The purpose of this project is to understand the systems and policies that facilitate and impede our transition to a sustainable future, then propose a solution for expediting the process. How? The unit…

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SDG Map Poster


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The UN SDG Map project will ground you with fundamental reading, research, and writing skills necessary to enter into a conversation about our global priorities. Through project-based inquiry, you will study the greatest challenges facing our planet, understand what is…

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ReDesigning the Future

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  How do we slow climate change? Why? The purpose of this project is to understand the grand challenges we must overcome to achieve sustainability, and to use design thinking to address those challenges. How? Here are the unit sub…

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A student-centered, experiential model

Our model includes three key stages of investigation.

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digital curriculum

Internal Investigation

Ask Questions

Inquiry-based instruction supported with 21st century technology allows learning tailored to distinct learning needs, interests and aspirations of individual students. Each student learns to ask guiding questions and pursue the answers, becoming self-directed learners.

External Investigation

Situate learning in community

Take students out of the classroom and into the city. Industry partners can expose students to a wide range of jobs and career prospects, discuss practicalities and possibilities, and challenge students to question their assumptions about the world around them. This allows students to navigate the city beyond their neighborhoods and acquire skills needed for post-secondary success.

student action project

Action Project

Redefine Achievement

Students are given the freedom to demonstrate mastery using their own voice and chosen medium. Instead of standardized multiple-choice tests and essay exams, students communicate through digital portfolios, podcasts, multimedia presentations, and research projects. Collaborative or individual, our courses allow for individual learning styles and interests to shine through.

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