Breaking down walls to unite education and community.

Why do I have to learn this?

How many times have we heard young people ask this question?

We know that inspiring youth and improving engagement is vital to their ability to (re)define a path to success.

Studies show that when students understand the “why,” they engage in learning and find purpose in their education. When learning extends beyond school and classes are engaging, students remain motivated to work hard towards a goal.

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Experiential Learning

Dreams For Kids' model is creating transformational student outcomes. The model is grounded in inquiry and project-based learning that encourages students to experience academics through real-world connections with their community.

We envision a world where all students are college-prepared, career-ready, and community-minded. Together, we can build a future where all students have equitable access to an education that prepares them for successful careers and lives in our increasingly interconnected world.

Real-World, Whole World

We show educators how to situate learning within a real-world context and help students find purpose in their education

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Designed by teachers for teachers, we offer supplemental, mini-courses that help educators inspire student engagement. Students learn to ask questions and explore the answers through a project-based learning model, grounded in real-world application of their academics.

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Student Immersions

Educators are trained to deliver engaging programs in underserved high school communities across Chicago during summers, weekends and school-breaks. These programs promote 21st century skills by having students explore globally relevant challenges through guest workshops and field experiences.

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Educator Training

We offer opportunities for educators to engage in peer-to-peer collaboration and professional development in project-based learning.

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Thank You Runners!

A very special Thank You to all the runners supporting experiential education programs for Chicago's youth.


Financial Literacy Bootcamp

An immersive summer program where students apply key investing concepts while managing a simulated stock portfolio and develop professional skills through internships, mentorships, and field experiences.

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Imagining a Sustainable Future

Introduce project-based learning and sustainability education in your classroom with three free unit-length projects.

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