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Changing the Future Face of Finance

A Summer DEI Initiative For Chicago High School Students

Our current financial services industry is significantly underrepresented by people of color and we need to take action.

We believe that education is key to creating systemic change.

The solution for a more diverse financial industry starts by providing urban youth with a stimulating learning environment that includes exposure to industry professionals. These experiences tie the real world to the classroom and help inspire students by outlining pathways

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This Summer

Dreams for Kids is partnering with the Chicago Sky to host a series of Financial Literacy Bootcamps in Chicago for students from under-resourced communities. Over two weeks, we will demystify financial markets and help students explore both personal and global finance through the lens of the stock market. Engagement in learning will be amplified through:

  • Gamification of the market using Rapunzl’s real-time, simulated stock portfolio app and cash competitions; Check out Rapunzl’s story on CNN.
  • Daily 2-hour meet-ups with a wide range of industry experts who bring real-world context to classroom learning; and
  • $100 in fractional shares for all students who finish, along with a certificate of completion to reference on college applications and job interviews.

How you can help

We are partnering with Chicago area firms to support our summer scholars while providing a creative opportunity to engage their employees in an authentic DEI program. Adopting a Bootcamp Session covers all costs to implement the program and provides each 15 student cohort of scholars with a transformational learning opportunity. The full cost of hosting 15 students is $25,000, with full naming or partial sponsorships available.

Even partial contributions help support a more inclusive future for financial services. All participating companies will be invited to participate in multiple skill-based volunteer experiences with students, photo opportunities with competition winners, and promotion through Dream for Kids and Chicago Sky social media.

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