Changing the Future Face of Finance

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Rapunzl's platform provides an immersive introduction to the world of finance. The award-winning simulator provides an unparalleled risk-free opportunity to earn while you learn how to invest.

Rapunzl works closely with Dreams For Kids to integrate and refine an engaging financial education curriculum that contextualizes investing and the stock market.


Together, we provide experiential learning opportunities through internships, mentorships and immersive competitions that will inspire students of color to pursue careers in financial services.

An amazing app with real-time stock data 

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Partnerships with top-tier financial institutions

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Project-based investment and economics curriculum

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Scholarships and contests make learning fun and keep students engaged

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Changing the
future face of finance

Simulated Competitions Provide Real-World Learning Experiences Which Allow Students To See Themselves Thriving In Financial Services

Upcoming Student Workshops

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Financial Literacy Bootcamp



Financial Literacy Bootcamp



Financial Literacy Bootcamp

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We are partnering with Chicago area firms to support our summer scholars while providing a creative opportunity to engage their employees in an authentic DEI program. Together, we will make a difference.

Measurable Impact

Let's Inspire The Next Generation Of Financial Leaders





Student Shareholders

* 81% of participating students identify as Black or LatinX & 83% of participating schools are located in low-to-middle income communities.


Help us connect thousands of high school and colleges students with the stock market by providing access to scholarship opportunities & free financial literacy training programs for educators.
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Provide top-performing students with access to scholarships that will make their dreams reality. Scholarship prizes help enhance student engagement and provide an opportunity for students to earn while they learn.

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Teacher Training

Offer teachers free teacher training and provide financial educators across the country with access to engaging curriculum and real-time digital learning tools in order to continue growing our impact each year.

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National Exposure

Support financial education and help bridge communities by empowering a broader pool of diverse talent to strive for financial services careers. This helps expose students to all of the career opportunities that await them.

Partners and Sponsors

We are grateful for the support of those who believe in providing equitable opportunities for our nation's youth

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Support this Program

100% Donation & Grant Funded

Dreams For Kids is a 501(c)3 Program which relies upon donations to help fund scholarship prizes, competition hosting, teacher training, and other program costs.

Hybrid Non-Profit Partnership

Dreams For Kids and Rapunzl Investments have partnered together to create pathways for students of color to engage with financial markets and pursue careers in financial services.

Focused On Quality At Scale

Dreams For Kids achieves an impact at scale with Rapunzl’s real-time, competitive stock simulator, Dreams For Kids' teacher training & free access to a financial education curriculum which has been refined by high school teachers, university professors and thousands of students across the country.

We Care About Students’ Data Privacy

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) personal student information including but not limited to a student’s Full Name, Birthdate, School Attended, Email address will remain confidential and protected by Rapunzl. Rapunzl does not collect information pertaining to a student’s location beyond asking the school a student attends. Under FERPA parents and eligible students (aged 18 and over) shall be able to access the student’s records upon request to Rapunzl. Rapunzl may collect aggregate sentiment data related to user activity for internal purposes to better understand the patterns of our student users for the purpose of creating more tailored educational experiences.