Imagining a Sustainable Future

Introduce project-based learning and sustainability education in your classroom with three free unit-length projects.

Quality education will fuel future generations to lead and succeed in our rapidly changing, global workforce. We need more public-private partnerships to ensure that ALL students have access to courses that inspire curiosity in growth industries and provide pathways for existing and emerging careers.

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A very special thank you to Greenbacker Capital, who is passionately committed to sustainability, to increasing the collective capacity of renewable energy, and to increasing the awareness of the economic benefits of sustainable infrastructure. Greenbacker is also committed to playing our part in the business ecosystem as a socially responsible and transparently governed organization that is a great place to work.

Mastery Projects

The Imagining a Sustainable Future series provides educators with customizable plug-n-play courses that reinforce key fundamentals in science, math, design and engineering, or civics and policy. These open-source projects are available to teachers to supplement traditional curriculum and to infuse their learning environment with contextualized, applicable, and experiential calls to action.

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ReFueling the Future

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How will our future be decided? Why? The purpose of this project is to get acquainted with the current state of our energy supply system, understand how it works, and…

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ReMobilizing the Future Poster

ReMobilizing the Future

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How will our future be decided? Why? The purpose of this project is to understand the systems and policies that facilitate and impede our transition to a sustainable future, then…

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ReDesigning the Future

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  How do we slow climate change? Why? The purpose of this project is to understand the grand challenges we must overcome to achieve sustainability, and to use design thinking…

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Students explore guiding questions that prompt them to think about global issues within the context of their own lives.

Courses are 100% digitally accessible, standards-aligned, and include all required student resources, with projects designed   to use materials easily accessible at home

Optional Field Experiences augment student engagement and exposure to careers, as industry experts put classroom learning into real-world context.

Lesson plans and student rubrics include options for differentiated instruction based on learning styles and academic levels.