DFK Team

Join the DFK Team and be part of something special. Help our youth create the future today! As part of our monthly giving program, 100% of every dollar will directly support the education, training and mentoring of a youth as they learn how to build a social enterprise and become an entrepreneur. You’re making a difference, every single month!

The Impact of Your Dollars

We are providing students real world education with entrepreneurship training. World class curriculum is delivered in peer to peer mentoring by college students, teaches essential business, job creation and enterprise building skills.

Students learn how to build a real enterprise and are mentored by business leaders from the community. Each enterprise applies market based solutions to social issues. Everyone wins!

Why Give Monthly?


You invest what makes sense for you and it adds up to a deep and ongoing impact. As we say
in business - it scales!


Being on the Dream Team is life changing. Students ideas come to life because of you and in your name they impact their local and our global communities. You are a member of a Team whose impact grows with each successful enterprise and each empowered student.

Double Impact

You help provide education and real life skills that our youth are not learning in school plus you witness the social impact of their enterprise. It is all because of you and it is ongoing. Social impact has never been so important or so easy


Giving a onetime gift is awesome. Giving regularly is a gift that keeps on giving. You'll receive regular updates on your students progress and the progress of their social enterprises, as well as gifts photos and videos!.

Once you are on the Dream Team, you will receive:

Quarterly progress updates

A video welcome from your student!

Photos and videos of the students and social enterprises you have helped create

A special Birthday greeting!

And More...

Join the Dream Team!

Become a member of the Dream Team now and help educate a student in real world skills and help build a social enterprise that solves real world problems!

Dream Team Members

  • Tom Tuohy
  • Shelly Gonsch
  • Joe & Clare Lagattuta
  • Dorothy Hillard
  • Rob & Ada Wolcott
  • Steve Schapiro
  • Jon & Ann Cohn
  • Bette & Wylie McNabb
  • John & Catherine Taylor

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