Welcome to the Stock Market

Welcome to the stock market

Dive into the world of investing and learn why Albert Einstein describes compound growth as the strongest force in nature. This module explains what stocks are, how they trade, and…

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Stage Chemistry

Stage Chemistry Poster

Goodman Theatre’s STEM-based education initiative. Stage Chemistry uses STEAM to draw out the narrative power of story, and the life lessons that are learned through the production of theater. You…

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Frontiers: A High school science class

What are the frontiers of human exploration and understanding? Frontiers is the final course in the GCE STEAM sequence. In this course, you will study the frontiers of human exploration.…

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ReFueling the Future

course poster

How will our future be decided? Why? The purpose of this project is to get acquainted with the current state of our energy supply system, understand how it works, and…

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ReDesigning the Future

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  How do we slow climate change? Why? The purpose of this project is to understand the grand challenges we must overcome to achieve sustainability, and to use design thinking…

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