We Are The Change®

The Power of One

We Are The Change is a long time initiative of Dreams for Kids, bringing diverse youth together in service and social impact. The Power of One is a testament to the extraordinary accomplishments of our Youth Executive Board at ages 7-13. The Power of One proves the collective power of 10,000 students and the social impact they will bring to the world by working together for one goal.

Join our Youth Executive Board as they lead a national campaign to help fund over 150 new and existing non-profits, social enterprises, and social impact projects.

As Chairman of the Board Jahkil Jackson says, “Don’t Wait to be Great!” Join thousands of middle school students who aren’t waiting and are proving the power of one kid can change the world.

Students are each raising funds, teachers are assisting, and volunteers are mentoring.

Will you join us?

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Join our campaign to make a difference

I am a Student

Over 10,000 youth, grades 1st - 8th will participate in the campaign. The students are led by a Youth Executive Board of young leaders who have started nonprofits and social enterprises, received national awards and are recognized as leaders today. They will be supported by a Youth Advisory Board of 100. The students will each raise a minimum of $100 for social impact projects chosen by youth!

I am a Mentor

Are you ready to make a difference in the life of a young person? Will you help fill gaps in education or confidence and help a students dreams become reality? Can you step up and provide practical education that prepares students for the new economy and helps them turn their ideas into impact? Can you spare 1 one per week for virtual mentoring? If so, you've come to the right place!
Register today to become a Dreams for Kids Mentor!

I am a Parent

I am interested in enrolling my child into the Power of One Campaign and Dream Leaders social entrepreneurship curriculum!

I'd love for my child to learn essential entrepreneurship skills and being made aware of social issues - and helping to make a difference as a young leader!

I am a Teacher

Over 100 schools will support their middle school youth by helping them register in the campaign. Benefits to the school include free use of Dreams for Kids social entrepreneurship virtual curriculum.
Are you a teacher or school administrator who wishes to provide social entrepreneurship education for your students and help them satisfy their service hours and engage in meaningful, character-building social impact?

I would like to Sponsor

Dreams for Kids believes in shared value partnerships. As an individual donor, local business, or corporate sponsor, you can support this youth campaign today.

Sponsor a student for $25, a classroom for $750, or an entire school for $5,000.

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