How Does it Spread Social Change?

“Each social entrepreneur presents ideas that are user-friendly, understandable, ethical, and engage widespread support in order to maximize the number of local people that will stand up, seize their idea, and implement with it.

In other words, every leading social entrepreneur is a mass recruiter of local change makers – a role model proving that citizens who channel their passion into action can do almost anything.” – Ashoka


Ready for a life changing experience? Do you want to create your future today?


Are you a professional willing to share your experience with a youth and create change?


Ready to bring entrepreneurship training as a required or elective course or after school program?

Community Organization

Looking for a personal development and business skills training course for your youth?


Looking for employee engagement and sponsorship of a youth and a community changing program?


Ready to invest in a community and life changing social enterprise and help a youth build a future?

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