Art of Photojournalism @ Weinberg/Newton Gallery

Seniors in the Journalism class visited artist and photojournalist, Krista Wortendyke’s exhibit, Killing Season Chicago at the Weinberg/Newton Gallery to examine the power of photographs. The students have been pursuing the guiding question, how does photojournalism help you see the world?. In pursuit of an answer, students have been studying examples of powerful photojournalism throughout history. Krista photographed Chicago sites where 172 homicides took place between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The photographs have culminated into a 65 foot-long bar graph that illustrates the swell of murders committed on a daily basis. Krista shared insights on how to take an effective photograph and shed light on the importance and inherent dangers of being a journalist.


The purpose of this Field Experience was to investigate the guiding question, how do I capture the meaning of life?.


The students visited the photo exhibit, Killing Season Chicago and spoke to photojournalist, Krista Wortendyke to understand the impact of photographs and the stories they tell.