Exploring Independent Media as a Tool for Revolt at Public Media Institute

Students in Equality headed to the Co-Prosperity artist space and gallery in Bridgeport to continue their investigation of underground and independent media’s ability to educate and impact change. They met with Lumpen Media Director Stephanie Manriquez and Public Media Institute Director Ed Marszewski to learn about their work organizing artists to utilize publishing and media for social change. 

They had an in-depth conversation with Ed, who shared his views on the importance of independent media to educate and promote change and gave each student specific feedback for the zines they are creating. They also spoke with Stephanie Manriquez, who runs Lumpen Radio, and learned about the importance of welcoming the voices of community members to share their stories and music. She reiterated the lessons we could learn from underground, counterculture media. Finally, students met with Gabe Hoare and Liz Borne from Hoof Print, who talked about their work in helping artists share and sell their pieces at affordable prices.

It was a unique experience where students met with experts in different fields who share the same mission.

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