Game Changers @ Cat & Mouse Games

Students in the Game Changers class have been pursuing the guiding question, what is the thought process behind playing a game?. In this course, students have taken on the role of a game player and designer. They are getting a behind-the-scenes look at tabletop games, investigating how they are played and how they are created. As a part of their investigation, students have been studying strategy, probability, and game mechanics. On this Field Experience, students visited Cat and Mouse Games in the West Loop to learn how to play Settlers of Catan from the resident expert.


The purpose of this Field Experience is to investigate the guiding question, how are games played and critiqued?. Students will visit the local game shop, Cat and Mouse Games to learn about information, access, and knowledge.


Students will compare a specialty game shop to a big box store, learn to play Settlers of Catan, and speak to a board game expert about their experiences as a gamer.