Rocket Science

Throughout history, humans have been experimenting with pushing our own boundaries. Although the discovery of explosive propulsion gave us a physical boost, the momentum for exploring new frontiers was already in full effect. Over the next term, you will explore the history of rocketry and propulsion, build mathematical models to demonstrate the behavior of bodies in flight, determine content and means of meaningful communication, and then ultimately design, build, and launch a rocket of your own. At the end of the term, you will combine all of your findings into one comprehensive set of results for future studies.

Along the way, you will partake in Mini-Missions; think of these as checkpoints along the way. Not only will they be a place to check for understanding of key concepts, but you will also be able to earn ‘patches’ that will adorn your rocket on launch day for a job well done. You may also use the Mini-Missions to shore up any missing parts with your peers’ and instructor’s assistance. If you need help, you have plenty of resources. We are a team.

One last feature of this course is the inclusion of micro-biographies. Each individual is a pioneer in the individual field and contributed to the lasting history of STEAM studies. The biographies are short and are intended as teasers; there is a further studies list at the end of the course.