Music as Language @ Electrical Audio

In the Mixtapes elective course, students have been investigating the guiding question, how will you make meaning from music?. In pursuit of an answer, students have been learning about the ways music circulates through communities and across time periods in search of listeners. Students have been learning how to identify key characteristics that make up the songs they love and hate. As a part of their investigation, they visited Electrical Audio, a recording studio owned by famed musician and producer, Steve Albini. It was such a treat to learn from an expert who has done such iconic work in the industry and to see him at work in the studio.


The purpose of this FE is to think about music as a tool to build community and the long-lasting cultural impact of certain songs, musicians, or types of music.


Our goal is to see how a producer who has worked in the industry for many years view the evolution of “pop music”. Students engaged in conversation with Steve Albini to learn about the process of helping musicians bring their vision to life.