Radio-rithmetic @ Guitar Center

Students in the Radio-rithmetic class have been pursuing the guiding question, how do you organize the rhythm of beats?. In this course, students will dive into the subjective realm of music, using math and science to enlighten them as they investigate the concepts of rhythm and pitch. As a part of the External Investigation, students visited Guitar Center to answer the guiding question, what instruments make up the rhythm?. At Guitar Center, students sampled instruments from around the world to bring the concept of rhythm to life.


The purpose of this Field Experience is to connect the Internal Investigation, the study of basic rhythm to the real world. The External Investigation looks at what kinds of instruments both physical and digital are out there, and what kind of cultures use them and for what reasons.


Before the Field Experience, students researched various percussion instruments, from drums and cymbals to a myriad of instruments from around the world. At Guitar Center, students will talk with an employee about the instruments, what makes one better or worse than another, how they are used, and what kinds of sounds they produce.