Studying Doubt @ International Museum of Surgical Science

In the second unit of the Who Am I? class, the Sophomores have been investigating the question, what do your doubts and dreams say about who you are?. In pursuit of an answer, students have been investigating the philosophies of Descartes and Freud. Students have been examining ideas and concepts in their lives that they are either certain or uncertain of and analyzing how they developed those certainties and uncertainties. As a part of their investigation, they visited the International Museum of Surgical Science to take a look at doubt’s role in the development of medicine and medical practices. Students gained insight into how medical practices that we view as common today, such as hand washing and replacing dirty sheets with new ones, were highly debated before they became common practices.


The purpose of this FE is to gain perspective into how the development of medicine and medical practices was and still is riddled with doubt.


Students will receive a tour of the museum, ask the tour guide questions, and engage with the exhibits.