Lunch is Served @ Lincoln Park Community Shelter

Freshmen in the SDGs & You class cooked and served lunch to the guests at the Lincoln Park Community Shelter. In this Humanities course, students have been pursuing the guiding question, how can everyone have access to resources that meet basic human needs?. In the first unit, students are investigating Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and are using that information to argue for the conversion of one of these needs into a human right. The Lincoln Park Community Shelter serves people who struggle meeting needs throughout Maslow’s spectrum; the students spent one meal attempting to aid them in meeting their physiological needs for shelter and food.

In preparation for this Field Experience, students researched basic human needs for calories and nutrients per day. Using that information, students researched available food options from local grocery stores, created a budget, and shopped within that budget to cook and serve this meal.


The purpose of this Field Experience is to investigate the guiding question, how do we know when basic needs are met?.


The students planned, shopped for, cooked, and served a meal to the guests at the Lincoln Park Community Shelter.