Poverty, Hunger, and Injustice @ Oxfam


All Chicago and Oxfam address Millennium Development Goals 1 which strives to eradicate poverty. The purpose of All Chicago is to address homelessness in Chicago through a systems approach. The purpose of Oxfam is to eradicate poverty globally by empowering the countries and people that need aid.


Students learned about the many programs that All Chicago supports to prevent homelessness in Chicago. It was particularly interesting for students to learn about scholarship opportunities and support services for college students. Students also learned about the lack of housing available for homeless youth in Chicago.

During the Oxfam presentation Adam shared resources about representing those in need with dignity and empowering them to have a hand in their own aid. http://saih.no/english/our-work/information He also taught students about Hunger Banquets which GCE students will host on their own.