Global Peace

Global Peace Summer School Poster

What is peace? What is violence? What can you learn from Gandhi’s approach to building a nonviolent movement? While the Internet has served as a catalyst for revolutions around the…

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SDG Map Poster

The UN SDG Map project will ground you with fundamental reading, research, and writing skills necessary to enter into a conversation about our global priorities. Through project-based inquiry, you will…

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Food for Thought

Food For Thought

How are food systems shaped, and how do they shape the world? In this course, you will be guided through the cycle of life as a metaphor for the trajectory…

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SDGs & You

MDGs: An integrated, project-based high school class

What are the biggest challenges facing humanity, and what is your role in addressing them? In March 2012, the world population topped 7 billion people. While this population continues to…

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Who Am I

Who Am I?: An integrated, project-based high school class

How will I investigate my Self to know who I am? The Who Am I course is a journey into your Self – your beliefs, origins, fears, and hopes – pursued through philosophical discussions, self-reflections, historical investigations, and diverse field experiences. The course explores the lives of people in progress, and is divided into 4 units.

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