Welcome to the Stock Market

Welcome to the stock market

Dive into the world of investing and learn why Albert Einstein describes compound growth as the strongest force in nature. This module explains what stocks are, how they trade, and…

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Frontiers: A High school science class

What are the frontiers of human exploration and understanding? Frontiers is the final course in the GCE STEAM sequence. In this course, you will study the frontiers of human exploration.…

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Systems & Models

Systems & Models: An integrated, project-based high school class

To what extent are you unique as an individual, and how do you function within the larger framework of an organization such as your school, place of worship, or job?…

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Social Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship: An integrated, project-based high school class

Prerequisite understanding of economics and systems thinking serves as the foundation to envision and plan a business venture which you may passionately and realistically pursue. Fueling your inspiration are weekly…

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Econ: Risking Value

Economics: An integrated, project-based high school class

We live in a world of limited resources, but our wants and needs are unlimited. Amid scarcity, choices are made. In this course, you will explore the value of a…

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