Unit I. Body

How does disease disorder the systems of our bodies?

Unit 1 (“Body”) will focus on Anatomy: you will investigate the different systems that constitute the body, explore different types of diseases, and how they manifest themselves as a disorder in the organism. To start the unit, you will be challenged to put yourself in the shoes of a cancer patient and question what is this thing we call “disease”. Then, you will select another disease to explore, by researching its history and by interviewing someone who has or had it. As an Action Project, you will map the impacts of the studied disease in the human body.

Here are the unit sub guiding questions you will pursue:

  • What does cancer teach us about our bodies?
  • What do the major diseases from MDG #6 teach us about our bodies? [HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Measles, Polio, Hepatitis…]
  • How do we map the impact of diseases in our body systems?