Creation Stories with Lily Be

In the first unit of the Stories course, Creation, students explored stories from a variety of cultures that try to provide answers to the questions: Why does the world exist?, How did it come into being?,  and Why are we here?.  As a part of their investigation, students looked for unique creation stories from their own lives. Chicago writer, storyteller, teacher, podcaster, and performer, Lily Be helped the budding storytellers identify those stories and gave them tips on how to effectively develop and tell them. Lily turned the experience into a game, granting the audience members points for asking questions that further developed the stories. The students learned more about each other and about the art of storytelling.


Students will learn to recognize their life experiences as stories worthy for sharing and will learn how to share their experiences in an effective and engaging way.


Students will reimagine the idea of the creation story and work with a storyteller to identify, develop, and refine their own stories.

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