Discussing Gender in Andersonville

First-year students in the SDGs & You class are investigating the guiding question, “What does an equal world look like?” by examining issues of gender inequality. In this unit, they take a dive-deep into SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being and SDG 5: Gender Equality to understand why gender disparities exist and persist, and how those issues often manifest as unsafe, insufficient, and/or inaccessible healthcare.

Students traveled to Andersonville to talk to poet and activist H.Melt and artist Molly Costello. Molly and H.Melt facilitated a conversation about gender identities, inclusivity, and abolition feminism by referencing imagery from Molly’s mural titled Intersections of Life. The mural graces the wall of The Clark at 5346 N Clark and served as an inspirational look at how an equal world could look.

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