Rapid Prototyping with The James Dyson Foundation

Students in Design & Engineering received a virtual visit from a couple of experts from the James Dyson Foundation. We have a longstanding partnership with the Dyson Foundation, and we are so grateful we get to learn from their experts every year. This year, students were tasked with answering the prompt, “How does design solve problems in your home?”. Under the guidance of the Dyson experts, the students worked in small groups to identify problems they face daily and started to design a product that could address that issue. Admittedly, the process was a bit messy, but according to the experts, that’s precisely the way it should be.


The purpose of this FE is to learn more about designers and engineers and what goes into those fields. It’s also a chance to apply  “rapid prototyping” to a design challenge.


We will be discussing James Dyson and his Foundation, and what we can learn from it. Then we will apply design thinking to real-world problems.

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