Stage Chemistry

Stage Chemistry Poster

Goodman Theatre’s STEM-based education initiative. Stage Chemistry uses STEAM to draw out the narrative power of story, and the life lessons that are learned through the production of theater. You…

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Food: An integrated, project-based high school class

In the Food course, you will be guided through three different parts of the food cycle as access points to different sciences: Ecology, Chemistry and Genetics. Through hands-on experiences in…

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Fuel: An integrated, project-based high school class

How does energy fuel society? To pursue this question, you will use Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics to learn how our society uses fuel, and to predict the future of energy.…

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Water, A Project-based High School Course

Are you thirsty? Are you clean? Have you nourished your plants today? In this course, you will explore the resource that’s essential for all life: water. In this course, you…

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