Game Changers

How can you harness the power of play? The experience of playing games is universal across ages, spaces, and time. Games can consist of complicated pieces, books, and tables or…

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Rocket Science

Rocket Science Poster

Throughout history, humans have been experimenting with pushing our own boundaries. Although the discovery of explosive propulsion gave us a physical boost, the momentum for exploring new frontiers was already…

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Rapid Prototyping

Maker Space

In this STEAM elective course, you will learn about and participate in the 21st Century human maker experience. You will look at technology being used today to create products quickly and…

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Music surrounds you, is a part of you, and can be found all over the world in every culture. But what exactly makes music so powerful? Radio-rithmetic dives into this…

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Unit I. Behind

Why are Scale, Proportion, and Modeling essential for the creation of a theatrical production? The purpose of Unit 1, BEHIND Stage, is to explore the measurements, proportions, and models which…

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