Stage Chemistry

Stage Chemistry Poster

Goodman Theatre’s STEM-based education initiative. Stage Chemistry uses STEAM to draw out the narrative power of story, and the life lessons that are learned through the production of theater. You…

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Rocket Science

Rocket Science Poster

Throughout history, humans have been experimenting with pushing our own boundaries. Although the discovery of explosive propulsion gave us a physical boost, the momentum for exploring new frontiers was already…

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Design and Engineering

Design & Engineering: An integrated, project-based high school class

Solving everyday problems in innovative ways is a fundamental part of life—but what makes good design, and what are the required steps before building can even begin? Design and Engineering…

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Urban Planning

Urban Planning: An integrated, project-based high school class

How do you design a shared space to minimize the use of resources and maximize the quality of life? In Urban Planning, you will explore 3 systems that intertwine to…

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